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One-click unzipping

Zip Unzip By Click is a very simple application that will allow you to zip and unzip compressed files.

This app is certainly on the low-key side. It's a one-interface program, with no configuration options. Zip Unzip By Click automatically creates file associations, but only for .ZIP. In other words, Zip Unzip By Click can only deal with .ZIP format, and can't deal with other compressed files, even though many of its rivals can.

To use Zip Unzip By Click, simply click on your ZIP file or import it through the program interface and select Unzip. To zip a file, import it through Zip Unzip By Click - there's no context integration to make this easier. There's a progress bar to tell you how you are getting on, but be warned - Zip Unzip By Click only handles files smaller than 100KB without registering. If you're wondering, that's pretty small!

Looking for a free file compressor/decompressor? Try 7-Zip or PeaZip instead.

Zip Unzip By Click is a very simple app that does a job that many other apps do better.

Zip Unzip By Click supports the following formats


Zip and unzip file archives by only a simple click

Zip archives can easily be created and unzipped with only a click or a double click depending on how your system is configured. This great tool is especially designed for, novice users who are new to computer user interfaces, or anyone who is not interested to go through complicated interfaces just to unzip or zip a file.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic file association


  • Only unzips up to 100KB without registration
  • Very plain
  • No configuration options
  • Only supports ZIP

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Zip Unzip By Click


Zip Unzip By Click 2.5.1 for PC

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    What more can you ask for.
    It does the job. You will love its one click simplicity. Excellent
    Pros: One click unzipping of More

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